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Title: The Other Half Photowalk

Follow the striking edges of tree branches, notice how the light and the absence of it tease each other across photos, and let your curiosity about the red-shirted protagonist (shout- out to my fabulous model Tyler!) run wild. You get to choose where these pictures begin and end.

Sure, there isn’t much glitz and flanker here to gran your attention from miles away, but does there need to be? I believe that by giving yourself up to these often overlookedd midsummer scenes, there is a slow, calm peace to be found.

These photos are a reminder that there is beauty to be found in the everyday- beauty that you might not even notice until you stop looking.

Maybe the walk back took on a quiet peace and grandeur of its own… I’ll let the pictures finish the story.

The weak settings sun was failing to push through the weighted canopy of clouds, and as it was only getting darker and darker, we decided to turn for home.

But as soon as I jabbed the camera close, their subtle beauty faded and I couldn’t seem to coax it back out no matter the angle nor distance I shot from.

I waded through the thick air, whose texture felt similar to the bread pudding we had enjoyed for dessert, to a few spots that had looked inviting earlier on in the day.

This photowalk began one July night post tennis match with Tyler and surprise evening downpour. It was one of those warm sleepy nights that called to us just because we had nothing better to do. I stepped outside with just my phone camera, finger at the ready on the shutter.

Some nice Minnesota winter photographed from the comfort of my shorts and t shirt!!

Life in Soglio: The Heart and Soglio

A dazzling selection of photographs made to capture the essence of its name, life of its daily inhabitants, sparkling nature, and time tested and enriched soul: This is Soglio, Switzerland. Prepare to step 200 years back in time.

My team included my dad, mom, and Tyler: four hardy photographers with foot and mind intent on capturing Life in Soglio.